Feldmesser Art 


I love things all kinds of things objects old and new that somehow for no apparent reason tell me a story their story. Give them new homes, and strange bed partners as someone once said opposites attract. The greater sum theory and all that. My art is about Gravitas a most fantastic word. For the most part my work is heavy the actual weight.The story being told. Some of the stories have happy endings most do not. I like this fact very much. It happens by itself by accident but not really. Do not be afraid to touch the art. You may even change it a bit. Move it around. Be careful though you may hurt yourself. I bleed all the time. The pain and suffering are inexplicably there. No pain no gain. I like the mix.


Steel, Cement, Barbed Wire, Acrylic Paint, Wood, Canvas, Glass, Metal, Letters, Childrens' Blocks, Bibles, Rust, Graphite, Oil, Sticks, Shellac, Polyurethane, Tin, Photos, Printers, Ink, Wire Hangers, Candles, Old Frames, Bronze Bird Cages, Old Boxes, Coal, Rusted Nails, Postcards, Epoxy, American Flags, Mirrors, Charcoal, Twine, Guns, Rope, Drill Bits, Toy Soldiers, Barbie and Ken Dolls, Violins, Sandpaper, Tiles, Toy Trains, Steel, Crosses, Cast Iron Toys, Maps, Plastic Trees, Planes, Boats, Nails, Computer Boards, Radio Tubes, Chalk Boards, Glitter, Locks, Saw Blades



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